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M4 Backpack Bundles

  Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Quick Release Upgrade
Professional Spray Pistol
15 Foot Reinforced HD Extension Hose
Compact Folding Hand Truck
Tool Bag



Backpack Sprayer with: 

Pressure Washer Pistol

Agitator Pump Installed

Wireless Remote Control Upgrade

Mini M4 Backpack Sprayer


BASIC M4 System:

  • Automatic 60 PSI Pump With Adjustable Flow
  • Fully Automatic Solid State Charger
  • Screen Filter To Keep Dirt/Debris Out Of Tank
  • Locking Trigger For Improved Ergonomics
  • Heavy Duty Shoulder Straps With Pockets
  • Adjustable Length Stainless Steel Wand (20 To 40 Inches).
  • Plastic Wand For Acids And Bleaches 

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BRONZE: Basic System + Spray pistol

Buy the Bronze M4


SILVER: Basic System + 15ft hose  

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GOLD: Basic System+ 15ft hose + Spray pistol 

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PLATINUM: Basic System + 15ft hose + Spray pistol + Compact Collapsible cart, and two custom bungees for quick installation

Buy the Platinum bundle 

We promise you will not be disappointed. Still have questions about your application, the system or its available accessories? Please text Paige at 707-331-0971 or email lensign3@gmail.