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My4sons M4 Backpack Sprayer with Agitator Pump Installed (Never Stir Again)

My4sons M4 Backpack Sprayer with Agitator Pump Installed (Never Stir Again)

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This bundle comes with all of the accessories and features of the basic bundle and adds an agitator pump (custom installed at the factory).

*****Two things in the attached video are now outdated (new video eta February 2023):

1) The agitator pump wires were previously routed externally through the top of the tank but are now routed via new bulkhead seals inside and through the bottom of the tank, removing snagging potential. (see images)

2) The agitator pump previously was anchored to the fine filter using a cable tie, but now is anchored using a new lock plate which rotates underneath the tank tabs and is secured into place by installing the fine filter. (see images). The new configuration allows the pump output to be aimed at any desired angle.

If you need a non corrosive slurry or suspension to be continuously stirred during the spraying process, the agitator/mixer pump upgrade will do the trick.

The agitator pump allows continuously variable flow of the solution inside the tank in order to optimize battery life and solution homogeneity.

Unlike bypass recirculation systems, the agitation pump does not reduce the output of the spray pump.

Custom built in our warehouse. Requires an extra 2 days to fulfill. Seaflo pump warranty 2 years ($15 replacement).

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