Agitator pump upgrade

Check out our new agitator pump upgrade. This is great for keeping your solutions moving in your tank for insoluble solutions.

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NEW 6 Gallon Backpack Sprayer (Back in Stock)

Say hello to the brand new M6! We have collected your feedback for the past 8 years and packed all customer driven innovation into this new backpack sprayer. It features everything included in our M4 backpack sprayer and much more, including 160 psi (2 gpm) pump option, quick change 6.5 gallon tank, 6 inch tank lid, modular electronic panel with voltage status, quick access base door, etc. Tank volume is optimized +50% via square design so that the M6 can be shipped in the same box as the M4.

M6 pictured with suggested options like monster cart, pro pistol, and 15 foot extension hose.

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Meet our most flexible backpack sprayer yet. Use your own 20 volt power tool battery. (DeWalt, Milwaukee, Makita, etc)

Do you own a DeWalt, Milwaukee, Makita, Bosch, Ridgid, Hercules or Black and Decker battery powered tool and want to use the same 20 volt lithium ion batteries to power your M4 sprayer?

Now you can!

All the benefits of the original system, now flexible to use with your own battery!

Get the highest rated sprayer on the market – with superior power, control and reliability for all of your spraying application needs. This best-selling system is designed to be versatile, durable, inexpensive and easy to use.

Spraying trees/roofs and need extra range? M4 and M6 pin stream ranges:

36 feet horizontal

30 feet vertical (using the 14 foot telescope)

Looking for the original M4?

Meet the new, larger capacity M6!

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Want to convert your existing M4 battery to use DeWalt, Makita, Milwaukee, Black and Decker, etc?

No problem! This kit includes everything you need to update your existing My4Sons Backpack Sprayer to be compatible with any of the following name brand, 18-20 volt lithium ion batteries:

  • DeWalt, 
  • Milwaukee, 
  • Makita, 
  • Bosch, 
  • Ridgid, 
  • Hercules or 
  • Black and Decker
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Never Pump Or Mix Again!

Say Goodbye to Manual Pumping and Mixing with the M4 Automatic Battery-Powered Backpack Sprayer

The M4’s automatic battery powered pump/optional mixing pump, adjustable pressure, variable nozzle output, and extra-long wand virtually eliminate over spray and make the M4 a top choice for professionals, homeowners, and DIYers.

Enjoy the versatility of the My4Sons Backpack Sprayers for:

  • Weed, mildew, pest and mosquito control
  • Lawn and garden maintenance and care
  • Painting and landscape art
  • Staining wood
  • Sealing concrete
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Feet and shoe cleaning
  • Portable showers and misters
  • Fire fighting
  • Pet care
  • Portable automotive and equipment cleaning
  • Equipment maintenance and lube (oil rigs, industrial chains)
  • Cement/chalk mixing
  • Drinking fountains
  • Special effects (rain and mist)
  • De-icing
  • Bidets for special needs
  • Blessing buildings
  • Squirt gun
  • And much more!

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Our Family-Owned Backpack Sprayer Business Sets the Standard with Quality Products and Exceptional Service

Since we are a small family run business we are able to offer responsive, personalized care. We love helping customers!


See what our customers are saying!

  • Best backpack sprayer I've owned!

    Thank you for a great product.

    — Justin F

  • Keep up the awesome work and research!

    You are my new Sprayer Go To People!!! — Jeff C

  • Your sprayer works fantastically!

    It took a two day job, and cut it down to only 3 hrs!!

    —Andy S

  • It is an elegant, lightweight, and easily maneuverable design!

    It works very well and has eliminated completely any need for a ladder to reach the higher spots on my house. — John D

  • I just cannot get enough of your sprayer and the quality of the product!

    “Premium quality, as always. I adore the elegant yet simplistic design.” – Anne L.

  • I was amazed! 

    I could reach the entire roof from our second floor balcony with the wand, but the spray action was so thorough that it was obvious that my entire roof would be completely and easily saturated with Spray and Forget.

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