Frequently Asked Questions

Does the unit come with a battery?

Does the unit come with its own charger?

Can the pistol grip be used with the wand?
Yes, we provide adapters that enable this usage

Why did you choose to use an SLA (sealed lead acid) battery instead of a Lithium?
We have found that the SLA battery is just as reliable as a lithium battery. The major reason for the decision is that the SLA battery is significantly cheaper and easy to find replacements for.

How long does the battery last on a full charge?
The battery should last 4-5 hours on a full charge.

What is the spray distance?
When using the right nozzles our backpack can spray up to 25ft.

Will what I want to spray work with your backpack?
Our backpack is extremely durable. We have customers who use our backpack for spraying a wide variety of solutions. From paint to concrete sealant to 50% bleach solutions our unit can handle almost anything.

Can I use nozzles from other companies with your backpack?
We are currently working on a system for adapting different nozzles with our backpack. Currently we have one working adapter that allows T-jet nozzles to be used with our backpacks. Please contact Paige for more information (707-331-0971)

How do I clean your unit when swapping chemicals?
Run at least a gallon of water through the unit to make sure it is clean.

My backpack is making noise and the lights are all on but there is no pressure and when i pull the trigger nothing happens.

your backpack is having trouble priming. The easiest way to fix this is to fill the tank full with around 4 gallons turn the backpack on and then give the backpack a good shake to try and get the backpack to prime. 

I think there is something wrong with my pump or battery what should I do?

The pump and battery are the most durable parts of our backpack sprayer. If there is an issue it is unlikely that your battery or pump has any issues. There could be any number of issues with the backpack sprayer from the handle to the nozzle or something could just be blocked. First remove the hose from the unit and then try running it. Be warned that if everything is working it will spray out of the hole so be ready to shut it off. If it does spray out the hole then start adding parts to the backpack until you can find the problem.

How long will it take for my backpack to get to me?

The free shipping that is included with the backpack is UPS 3-5 day ground and we ship out of northern California. Depending on your location it could take 3-5 days 

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