Easy to UseEasy to use. The M4’s large wide mouth opening allows for easy filling and features a screen filter to keep dirt/debris out of tank. On/Off and variable flow switches are accessible while you’re wearing the system and indicator lights tell you when it’s time to charge the battery.

Reduce TimeReduce your spray time by 50%. Your spray time is cut in half, compared to manual sprayers! The M4’s large capacity sprays up to 200 gallons on a single charge. That’s equivalent to 50 tankfuls with a manual sprayer.

Superior ControlSuperior control. The M4 system has an adjustable-length, stainless steel wand and works with the largest selection of brass and plastic spray nozzles, including cone, t-jet (flat), double cone, and directed fog. For more gentle applications, a 3-D FLEXTIP enables access to spray under leaves and into hanging potted plants. The silver rotary switch allows flow control from 20PSI to 60PSI. 

Water DropWorks with most liquid solutions. The M4 pump easily sprays most natural and chemical solutions including acids, bleaches, solvents and cleaners. This includes lawn care and pest control products like Roundup, cleaning products like Wet and Forget, fence and deck stains, concrete sealants like LastiSeal, diesel, oil, de-icers, alcohol, mineral spirits, and much more. (Please note that the M4 system is not compatible with muriatic acid.)

LockImproved safety and ergonomics. The M4’s locking trigger prevents accidental spraying while heavy-duty shoulder straps are bolted to the sprayer to prevent accidental disconnection and/or dropping. The M4 is also much safer than manual sprayers if you need to climb ladders because it leaves one hand free to hold on. We also offer a cart and extended hose so you can leave your backpack on the ground while climbing ladders!

BatteryLong battery life. You’ll find a fully automatic solid-state charger included with each backpack that reaches a full charge in 8 hours or less! The charger automatically switches from full charge to trickle and can be left plugged in all year long to optimize the battery life.

CalendarBuilt to last. With proper maintenance, which includes regular cleaning and replacement of the motor and battery every few years, the M4 should last a lifetime. 

SupportUnmatched product support. Each M4 system comes with technical support via phone and/or email and a 2 year warranty. (Text or call 707 478 2162 or email lensign3@gmail.com)

Final assembly and quality tested in the USA.

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