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Heavy Duty Ultra Comfort Waist Straps With Lumbar Back Support

Heavy Duty Ultra Comfort Waist Straps With Lumbar Back Support

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This new waist strap can be installed on the M4 and provides maximum comfort by transferring 50-80% of the load to the wearer's hips.  Includes two waist straps with cinch buckles, 1in thick lumbar back support (battery door attached), and 4 mounting bolts with lock nuts. 

Installation instructions:

1) Remove original battery door and install battery door with lumbar pad attached.

2) Align left and right waist straps with back pad and drill two 1/4" holes through the base wall using the lock bar holes as guides. Holes will be at the top and bottom of the bar. (Padding facing away from the M4)

3) Remove M4 bottom plate by unscrewing 7 #2 philips screws from recessed holes. Unsnap the battery door.

4) Push one 1/4-20 x 1" bolt through lock bar hole+drilled hole and fasten with lock nut provided (x 4 ) Padded side of waist strap must be facing away from the M4 (towards user)

5) Replace bottom plate and battery door.

6) Thread cinch webbing through cinch buckles on left and right sides.

7) Before using, adjust the waist and shoulder straps to optimize load distribution.


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