Customer Testimonials

Here at MY4SONS nothing makes us happier than a satisfied customer.

It may sound like a cliche, but for us, it couldn't be more true. We really pride ourselves on having a great relationship with our customers and doing our best to answer any and all questions, concerns, and suggestions, all while providing excellent backpack sprayers and parts..

But don't just take our word for it. Hear it from our customers themselves:

I'm part of a small painting company, and I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your M4 backpack sprayer... Part of painting exteriors is to spray the ENTIRE HOUSE, from the top of the roof to the ground line around the slab. This was a TWO DAY operation with an ECHO pump sprayer. Not only that, but I have an artificial rotator cuff in my left shoulder, AND NO ONE makes a right hand pump. (WTF?!!)

Your sprayer not only works fantastically as advertised, it took a two day job, and cut it down to only 3 hrs!!

It would be WORTH it if I had to buy one for every house I did!! (Let's hope it doesn't come to that though, lol). After my 2nd house now with your equipment and going strong. Me and my bad shoulder THANK YOU!

— Andy S

I appreciated the great service you guys provided. Thanks Lance.

–  Yves G

I just cannot get enough of your sprayer and the quality of the product.

Your sprayer has kept my tomato plants healthy and viable using DE powder and I have plants that are almost 9 feet tall. Last night I pulled a 3.2 lb beefsteak tomato off the vine.

Last but not least, and without disclosing too much, you have got to tap into the world of cannabis growers! Your units are perfect for aerating the solutions without having to constantly be pumping. The ability to leave them plugged in 24/7 and not to worry about over charging, potential of fire etc. You are a perfect fit, and I cannot imagine how your business could explode tapping into that rapidly growing industry.

— Roy B

Best backpack sprayer I've owned. Thank you for a great product.

— Justin F

I just finished using the sprayer for the first time and I was very impressed. It provides nice continuous flow. There was a lot of thought that went into the manufacturing and design of your product. The plastic and metal fittings/hoses are a nice option to be used in accordance with the needs of the application.

A four gallon tank is the largest I've seen and I was pleasantly surprised the shoulder straps fit even a large man like myself. Again, all in all, it is a great product I expect to use for some time. 

— George B

Thanks for the quick response. It implies the tech support for this product is as good as the reviews suggest. It's rare to find good tech support these days!

Thanks again.

— Scott H

>I had an opportunity to try out the 11 foot extension sprayer today, as the weather in upstate New York finally warmed up. It works very well and has eliminated completely any need for a ladder to reach the higher spots on my house. I did my entire house (insect perimeter spray) in less than half of the time and effort that it has taken me in the past.

Who designed the extension sprayer? It is an elegant, lightweight, and easily maneuverable design. I like the way that the telescoping section is used simply as a support for the inner tubing. A great cost effective approach to avoiding leaky joints.

— John D

We bought what I think is now your M4 Gold sprayer last year. First, it has been great. It has made my job 10 times easier. I have to spray along the perimeter of about 400 feet of fencing several times a year to keep the weeds from encroaching and it’s been perfect...[But] can we purchase a new lid w/gasket or just the gasket? It’s a really odd size gasket and I can’t find one in my area...

— Larry C


I'm so glad to hear you have enjoyed the sprayer, and I'm sorry to hear you are having issues. We can simply send you new gaskets for the lid.

Sincerely, Lance at My4Sons

Hi, I have your sprayer, and love it.I've used it four times, and suddenly, it stopped working. The battery is charged. Voltmeter is working. I've checked the wiring. I've removed the bottom and tapped the motor and moved it around. Still, nothing. Any tips on how to get it going again? Thanks.

— Dave L


Hi Dave,

I'm sorry to hear you are having problems with your backpack. When it is powered on, first make sure the silver rotary switch is turned up, then try pulling the trigger a few times. When the motor reaches pressure it is designed to stop until you pull the trigger on the valve and release the pressure. If that doesn't work, make sure the fine filter inside the tank (the small white capsule) isn't clogged. In the majority of cases that should sort it out. If not, go ahead and give us a call at 707-331-2848 and we will do our best to get to the bottom of this.

Sincerely, Lance at My4Sons


Hi Lance. Problem solved. I hit the trigger a few times and it started up. Great service. Thanks.

— Dave L

To the My4Sons Family,

I want to express my gratitude for your wonderful approach to your customers and your willingness and dedication to insuring we as a group are 100% satisfied with your product.... And of course, that's not difficult because your Basic M4 Bundle seems to be an amazing product now that I have used it about 4 times.

We got off to a rocky start at first because of a missing part upon delivery, but due to my own mistakes in identifying what was missing, I made the situation worse and yet you made me whole despite my mistakes at added expense to you and I really appreciate that. Not many companies would be willing to do what you did and that's what makes you special in my book.

Now about the M4. As you know, I bought the Basic M4 Bundle along with the 11' telescoping wand.... We have a 2 story French country château type house with a very steeply slanted slate roof impossible to walk on. With this year having been so rainy our north facing areas had developed serious streaks of black moldy discoloration. Because of the height and inability to get on the roof, I thought I would have to hire a pro to take care of the problem because a hand pumped, 4 gallon backpack sprayer got nowhere near being able to reach most of the roof. Then I discovered your M4 and though I loved the idea of a battery run backpack sprayer, I still wasn't sold on giving it a try until I found your 11' telescoping wand option as well... So immediately upon experimenting with your M4 and getting comfortable with the telescoping wand, I had to give it a workout on my roof.

I was amazed! Not only could I reach the entire roof from our second floor balcony with the wand, but the spray action was so thorough that it was obvious that my entire roof would be completely and easily saturated with Spray and Forget as is required (unlike the hit and miss application I'd get from a hand pumped backback).


With my first use of your M4, I figure it's already paid for itself.... After completing this job, I began to experiment with the collection of nozzles that come with the package (a nice touch, btw, to have such a collection of specialty nozzles included).... Though I am pretty certain I will be primarily working with the adjustable brass nozzle most of the time, it became obvious while going through the specialized capabilities of the 6 or 7 other nozzles included that I will be able to use this sprayer for tasks I never even thought of attempting with my hand pump backpack sprayer.... I'll use it to mist flowering plants thoroughly with nutrients and disease control products, to spray trees all the way to the top, and to easily saturate our entire network of pea gravel walkways with weed control instead of constantly just spot spraying weeds as they come up.

I'm also considering using it to spray on LastiSeal on our flagstone and mortar shower. In fact, when I need to do it again, I'll use the M4 to apply LastiSeal or an equivalent product on the stone exterior of our home. We know without treatment, water can seep through the stone and actually drip inside the house and in the past, using a brush to apply water sealer from ladders on second story balconies to areas very difficult to near impossible to reach was a very dangerous and inefficient task... Now we'll be able to do that with ease with your M4 + telescoping wand without the dangerous reaching while dangling from a ladder....  

So thank you once again for your great product and even moreso for your unique dedication to customer service.  And incidentally, your YouTube videos have also been very helpful tools for better understanding on how to use the M4 to its utmost capabilities.

– Dave L


 Lance, I'm writing you again to let you know that the sprayer I purchased from you worked flawlessly. I didn't even need the second one I bought as a backup. But I have a friend that wants to buy it so all good.  If you saw the amount of concrete I just sealed with that thing you'd be amazed. 30ft tall precast concrete walls in a brand new Bell And Evans Chicken Factory. The sprayer should be in every store everywhere. Just Great. 

- Chris M


 Lance and the MY4SONS team. This is a long overdue thank you note… I LOVE this sprayer. As I’ve been using it the past few months in my hobby orchard, all I could think was WHY did I not get one years earlier. The MY4SONS sprayer is superior to any other hand-held sprayer on so many functional / performance points…

 - George K


I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your M4 sprayer. I bought the gold bundle with the 15 ft hose and the quick release pistol sprayer. I also bought the 14 ft wand, for reasons I will describe below. I took my time assembling it in accordance with the online videos, which are very clear. Everything worked perfectly the first time I tried it. I bought this to apply a weed control spray to our natural backyard pond. Past efforts have been attempted with a manual sprayer that I had to pump by hand. This was very tiring, and I still had trouble reaching the pond from the far shore which is wild and overgrown (we like it that way - we like to see the deer and foxes and wood ducks). With your sprayer, I could reach the entire pond with minimal effort. The pistol sprayer worked great from our side, which is landscaped and easy to access. Your customer rep told me that the 14 ft wand would not really provide much more distance, which was very true and which makes sense. But what it did do was allow me to extend my reach through the dense undergrowth on the far side without having to wade and plunge into sinkholes along the shore. In other words, it improved my access tremendously. The 15 ft hose allowed me to keep the tank in one place while I walked to different locations to spray.

This has been an unusually good purchase for me. We built this home in 1976, and this is the first time that I have been able to do a thorough cleanup on our pond. Thanks for the great product, the prompt delivery, and the outstanding service. I have more extra parts than I will need for the next 10 years. You have exceeded my expectations by far. Good work!



 I have never in my nearly 62 years on this earth have done this but I have always felt strongly that good people, doing good work need to be commended and heralded.

Having struggled for years with manual pump and hose end sprayers with the vast majority of our apples damaged by pests and disease and ending up in the trash, we decided to invest in the basic My4Sons Backpack Unit. We ordered direct from you and our shipment came quickly and perfectly.
Setup was a snap, the videos and instructional materials were great and we were set for our first, still snow on the ground, dormant oil spray.  The experience was beyond great.
I was done in 20 minutes and product was on the trees and not on me, down my sleeves and everywhere else I didn't want it.
With the fact that the tank is graduated in half gallon marking we can accurately measure the exact amount of product necessary to follow the informative and concise guidelines for Home Apple Pest Control by the University of Wisconsin Extension. I think we will be able to finally have an excellent crop of apples for ourselves, our kids and our neighbors.
The final point I want to make is that it takes real guts and belief in ones product so much to put personal cell phone numbers and email addresses RIGHT ON THE BOX AND IN THE INSTRUCTION PAMPHLET!
Thank you again and I wish you, your families and your company prosperity and good health.
With thanks from America's midwest,
Jay S
Can I just say. My friend has been raving about the (Blank) Backpack sprayer. So I tried it out along side yours. I've had both in my trailer for use the last 4 months. After using and trying to like theirs. I ended up only using yours. I love it! Plus the Customer service is the best too. So thank you for your product.
April S
That is so awesome!  I really like your sprayer, and to now experience how great your customer service is is a true testament to why My 4 Sons is the leading manufacturer in the battery powered sprayer industry. 
Thank you very much,
Tom K
I received the replacement battery and everything is now working perfectly. It is like using the sprayer for the very first time after a year! Thank you so much for sending it so quickly! 

I wanted to wait a while to evaluate and put your sprayer through its paces before I gave it any type of review.  Well I have and I absolutely love it. 

It is by far the easiest backpack sprayer I have ever used and is so easy to empty and clean up compared to any I have had in the past.  It is surprisingly light and comfortable to use even when full.  The comfortable and heavily padded shoulder straps are great.  The lithium ion battery upgrade seems worth it to me as it seems to last a long time before it needs charging.  I got the 100 psi upgrade but I have only used it at full power once so for most the 70 psi pump should be sufficient for any gardening or yard jobs.  It cut 75% off the time it usually takes me to spray my whole yard with pre-emergent herbicide.  I have used it a couple of hours each week in the garden and easy adjustment of the power has been super helpful depending on what I am spraying. 

I am overall more satisfied with your sprayer than any I have purchased in my life.  The ease of use and ease of cleaning make it number one in my book.  The long battery life is another definite plus and the extendable stainless wand is also useful at times.  Being able to spray with constant pressure is so gratifying when spraying multiple gallons.


The more I use this sprayer the more I like it.  I am amazed how well you seem to have listened to the problems expressed over the years by users of sprayers and come up with some great yet simple solutions that make your sprayer head and shoulders above any others I have seen or used.

Bill B 


I used the sprayer this weekend.  It worked very well.  So much easier, convenient and accurate than using a backpack pump sprayer with a short wand.  Absolutely loved it.


I really appreciate your attention to detail.  You are continuously improving your product, have great videos and put yourself in your customers shoes.  Reminds me of Paul Akers at Fastcap up in WA.  If you don’t know him or haven’t read his books like “2 Second Lean” you will find someone who inhabits much the same headspace you do.  Top shelf


Hi Paige, Hi Lance,

I never know who is actually reading my correspondence, therefore the two hello's to different people.
Hey, ive got to tell you people something that hopefully puts a smile on your faces. Oh, this is Bobby Santangelo from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Forgive me for whats certainly going to be far too long an email. However myself, having been in sales for 35 years, now i run this disabled veterans home. However my background and my credentials here in southeastern Massachusetts are truly impeccable.
When i purchase something, anything, my OCD (which i do suffer from, and bad) well, i read, has to be at least 100 reviews. Not only that i look up the company, i do so much work prior to purchasing my neighbors, my family, yes, they consider me outright crazy. What i wanted to share with you folks is what im coming to believe is the actual truth.
Although we have this initial battery debacle going on, you did get a replacement out to me immediately. As soon as i alerted you that yes, you did a hell of a job getting me the replacement, unfortunately not the lithium, but you were on that immediately. No, i havent received it, but i suspect itll be here in no time. I went as far as asking if i could purchase a cart because ya, were older here, most are disabled and none of us can put this on our backs. Somehow you immediately furnished me a link to purchase the cart. Frankly, i cant wait to use this whole set up. However the little speed bumps along the way dealing with you people have been handled not only in a timely manner, but without the nonsense one always goes through dealing with 99.9% of companies. In short, you people appear to not only have a superior product, and i've spent 6 weeks investigating pretty much all back pack sprayers. Your follow up, the cutomer support you've furnished me, and the timely manner in which you did so...... I guess all i simply wanted to say is often times when one buys a product or service and it goes awry, well, their very quick to put a negative review and tell everyone they know not to buy product A. Or service B. Its not often, actually very rare when one is satisfied with something that they say anything. I simply felt it rite, almost something i found i had to do, is to, if nothing else Thank You people. Also tell you 1st hand from a retail customer 3000 miles away, that its this mans opinion, somewhat backed up by initially having purchased another brand, that it truly does appear (hope i can use this someday 😊) my4sons does indeed do a terrific job. Not only the machine itself, but more importantly the service after the sale.... I thought it might be nice in contrast to getting a complaint. But to recieve an email that opines how startled i am to have had such a measure of positive outcomes with regard to your company.... Keep up the good work... Its almost ashame you're simply mixed in with all the other sprayers on amazon... It would be so beneficial if you could somehow make your sprayer, the presentation with regard to amazon somehow stand out and apart from all the others!
Robert S.
I just finished my 1st Day of Spraying with my M4.......I must admit I was impressed!   I normally don't contact a company about
their products unless I have an issue, but this is an exception.  1st of all the pump is so much quieter than my past sprayers...even at full power. I ordered the 100 PSI Pump installed and its perfect for those hard to reach bug infested areas.  I also ordered the spare Lithium Ion Battery and Charger you had listed.  I don't know what kind of battery life you were expecting, but I'm truly impressed with the longevity.  After several hours of continuous spraying at full power there was not even the slightest reduction in spraying force.  Unbelievable!  I have the Lead Acid Battery also as a backup when needed.  Their is also a comfort aspect for me as
I have several back injury's from Military service.......It seems the contour of the sprayer does not hurt my back like the others......
a fluke, maybe, but that does mean a lot to me.  Wow!!!  Im stocking up on a few spare parts as I know how busy I will be next Spring.  You are my new Sprayer Go To People!!!

Keep up the awesome work and research!

Jeff C

I used the sprayer this weekend.  It worked very well.  So much easier, convenient and accurate than using a backpack pump sprayer with a short wand.  Absolutely loved it.


I really appreciate your attention to detail.  You are continuously improving your product, have great videos and put yourself in your customers shoes.  Reminds me of Paul Akers at Fastcap up in WA.  If you don’t know him or haven’t read his books like “2 Second Lean” you will find someone who inhabits much the same headspace you do.  Top shelf.

Don S     


 I found the second email in my spam folder. Sorry for my confusion and thank you for your good service. I can tell you that we are very pleased with our sprayers. We run an 8,000 acre preserve system and are primarily treating invasive plants far afield. Consistent delivery of the herbicide over the course of a 6-8 hour day would be impossible with a manually operated sprayer. Your sprayer is reliable, has proven durable in rugged terrain environments, and the tweaking you have done over the last 4 years to the harness, lid, switch operation have all been very appreciated by our land stewardship staff. Please pass our gratitude on to your staff, from design engineers to the people who pack the boxes so that they arrive safely and ready to go.



I have been the PBI-Gordon Rep in Southeast for 16 years. If you aren't familiar with us,  PBI-Gordon is a 75 year old company that invented the 3-way Herbicide (Trimec) back in the 60s. 
I use a backpack sprayer many times to do trials of our different herbicides and applying our Growth Regulator. 
Wanted to let you know you have a "Game Changer here! I have gone through so many backpacks over my career i would hate to count! I finally have one made for what I do. 
I teach a lot of training (CEU Points) meetings and I will be letting the Lawn and Landscapers and Golf Superintendents know about your sprayers! One class is on Calibration and your sprayer (the M4) would be easy to Calibrate and be consistent with your adjustability features. 
We have the number one Plant Growth Regulator called Atrimmec. This is where I see the M4 excelling. The applicator sometimes needs more pressure than they can get to get the product into the middle of the hedge. They won't pump up their sprayers enough because they're scared of blowing seals. Your M4 solves that problem. 
Just wanted to reach out to let you know how much I appreciate the work you did to invent a sprayer that will hold up to the Turfgrass Industries Demands. 

Love the sprayer do to the many fitting to control spray patterns. The power sending the spray up 35 feet is helpful when spraying tall trees and shrubs. It is light enough that I can clime a ladder and get up to 45 -50 foot top of trees. The long hoses allows me to spray large areas by putting sprayer in back of Gator and moving around pasture and my large front yard. This way i can drive and spray and not need to carry around. The large mouth to fill sprayer with strainer is great feature as it keep grass out from hose that are on ground used for filling container.  I belong to a large garden club and each year we chose three items to show and tell how the work and make things easier. This year i will be bring your sprayer along with Leonards steel root shove and New England weeder to show.


I am 80 years old and love being outside working with my horses and working garden and pastures. You have a great product that is well built and fun to use. A real tike saver.


Thank you for your help.

Don C


Hi. I decided to chime in on your backpack sprayer. I really love it. I don't have a huge yard but I have spinal arthritis and can't (comfortably) use a pump sprayer. The weight of the liquid puts too much strain on my back. I figured I would try a backpack sprayer and after spending several months and a lot of internet time I decided on yours. It was a good choice. Having grown up with a mechanical engineer for a father I can tell when something has been engineered very well and put together with quality material. My father's chief complaint was always that engineers often designed something that they never used so they had no idea about the problems they were creating for the user by poor design. 

David B   


 Hi Lance! Just wanted to follow up with you and let you know I received all the refurb parts and was able to replace everything and get back up and running last night. The sprayer is working like a dream. I wanted to thank you again, yours was by far the best customer service I've ever experienced; the way you empower your customers with such helpful knowledge and video tutorials is a really valuable thing. I'll be singing your praises to everyone I know! 

This sprayer has become one of our main tools in maintaining our yard. Thanks for making such a fine unit.
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