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External Battery Charger

External Battery Charger

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Charge your 12 volt sealed lead acid batteries outside of the M4 battery compartment with this external battery charger. Includes the M4 fully automatic solid state battery charger with slip on +(red) and - (black) J2 connectors. Battery charges in 8 hours or less. Indicator light is red when charging and turns green when fully charged. After a full charge is attained, charger automatically shifts to long term maintenance ( trickle) mode and can be left plugged in.

***DO NOT CONNECT REVERSE POLARITY*** (Permanent damage occurs to the charger if positive wire is connected to negative battery terminal, and vice versa.)

If using a voltmeter, a recently charged battery outputs 13.7-14 volts dc immediately after it has been disconnected from the charger, stabilizing at 12.85 volts after a few days.

If batteries take longer than 8 hours to charge, the red light flashes when plugged in, or measured voltage is less than 12 volts the battery may be permanently damaged. 

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