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M4 Replacement Tank (4.5 gallons)

M4 Replacement Tank (4.5 gallons)

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Replaces the M4 Tank. Does not fit mini M4.

Tank Removal: (It's a pain!) 

1) Remove the base plate. (Turn M4 upside down, remove 7 #2 phillips screws) Cut off the two tank lock nubs from inside the base (one nub requires removing pump to access). 

2) Unsnap tank from base by compressing/crushing tank sides or cutting slices into tank on each side of the 6 lock tabs. Hammer a large flathead screwdriver/wedge between the tank and base in at least 2-3 adjacent locations where tank lock recesses engage base lock protrusions. 

Tank Installation: (It's a snap!)

1) Snap tank into base.

2) Re-connect elbow to tank intake barb.

3) Re-install base plate.

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