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Replacement Mini Fuses for M4 Charge Panel 20x5mm (See Warning)

Replacement Mini Fuses for M4 Charge Panel 20x5mm (See Warning)

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5 glass replacement fuses for M4 charger panel. (Rated 10 amps. Length 20mm, Diameter 5mm.) Fuse panel with drawer is not included but is shown to clarify assembly and functionality.


Mini fuses (located in the M4 charge panel) fail primarily for two reasons:

1) Direct 110 VAC chords are plugged into the charge panel, delivering up to 1000 watts to the M4 circuit. Only the factory provided 12vdc automatic M4 charger should be used to charge the M4. For M4 Models built in 2020 or sooner, these inline mini fuses protect the M4 circuit from direct 110VAC. If the model year is older than 2020, direct exposure to 110VAC results in damage to the M4 circuit and will require inspection and replacement of affected components in addition to fuse replacement.

2) If the rotary switch fails, it often causes the inline 10 amp mini fuse to fail. Unless the bad rotary switch is replaced, 10 amp mini fuses will continue to fail when the M4 is powered up.

Please text Lance at 707 478 2162 to go over a quick diagnostic checklist if you suspect either of these events might have occurred and you need help.

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