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Wireless Remote Control Kit for M4

Wireless Remote Control Kit for M4

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Kit includes programmable eprom receiver, two channel transmitter ( unique codes), on/off switch, 4 (6mm) copper crimp ferrules, 2 insulated ferrules. Receiver is pre programmed to both transmitter channels ( toggle mode). Receiver rated for 12 volts, 10 amps. Program is retained without batteries. Receiver can be reprogrammed to many unique transmitters. One transmitter can activate multiple receivers. Color coded wires provide easy installation. 20-100 foot range. Remote control is ideal for tractor, atv, or cart remote boom activation. For maximum flow/range or with corrosives the M4 can be operated without a valve. Owners manual. Call Lance at 707 478 2162 if you need help installing/programming, or to brainstorm applications.

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